Marcio Cabral

Member of the EPSON International Pano Awards Judging Panel 2017

About Marcio

Marcio Cabral is a nature photographer based in Brasilia, Brazil. He started shooting about 20 years ago and landscape photography became his passion.

During his career, he earned a well-deserved reputation for his award-winning work, which was published in a variety of travel, tourism magazines and guides.

In 2008 he specialized in panoramic photography and started doing underwater photography in 2010, when he developed the first underwater panoramas in Brazil.

In 2011, he developed the first underwater sphere in a cave, he also produced in Cuba the first underwater sphere with schools of sharks, in 2012.

Marcio is the current Guinness World Records Title Holder for the Largest Underwater Panoramic.

His images have been published on Bing. He was awarded in important competitions such as Sony WPA, Glanzlichter, Asferico, MML, Oasis, PX3, Big Picture, Color Awards, Nature Talks, Head On, FAPA, Nature Images Awards, Memorial Felix, Montphoto, Panoawards, MIFA and Loupe Awards. He also has been an OPEN jury of Epson Panoawards 2015.

Today, Marcio is devoted to produce images for fine art prints and spherical panoramas. He also make workshops and photographic expeditions within Brazil and in neighboring countries.