Stefan Hefele

Member of the EPSON International Pano Awards Judging Panel 2017

About Stefan

Stefan Hefele is a landscape photographer from southern Germany. He lives with his family in a quiet little town. From his home base he travels all over the world. His weakness for Nordic landscapes is hard to miss. The renowned landscape photographer is represented by his broad portfolio in many well-known publishers and international campaigns. He can call Calendars from GEO his own. Stefan is a jury member at different photo contests such as the Epson Pano Awards and also sells his photographs as fine art prints at his online shop on
Lately his new coffeetable book “Alpenwelten” conquered international markets. In addition to a puzzle collection, Stefan also has a photomural collection at the world market leader Komar on the market.

“As a photographer, I try to give my insides on the outside and put all my heart and soul into a perfect result. Photography for me means something magical. Merging with nature is not only a profession to me, more a mission next to my family. I am driven by the results and people´s positive reaction and hope I´m able to enjoy the privilege of being one with Mother Nature as long as possible.“