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2015 Open Awards

Major Open Award Winner

Max Rive, Netherlands

The Ice Prison, Himalayas, Nepal

Open Award Winner – Nature / Landscape

Max Rive, Netherlands

The Ice Prison, Himalayas, Nepal

This 6 shot panorama was taken in the Himalayas during spring. It was a small distant gape in a snow covered mountain which caused my attention. I mainly wanted to check it out because this ice or snow cave had a view on the 6812meter high Ama Dablam. Finding a cave is one difficult thing but find one with a great view is much more difficult. After a hike up the mountain with crampons I entered this Ice cave. It was frozen water finding a way through the rocks.

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Open Award Winner – Built Environment / Architecture

Darren Moore, United Kingdom

Broadway Tower, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

Built in 1799 the tower stands majestically, 1000 ft. above sea level, one of the highest points in the county. I wanted to create a fairy tale atmosphere with this image, it took a number of visits over a 6 month period to get the low cloud and morning mist, but the end result was worth all the early starts, as the image turned out exactly how i imagined it.

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2015 Amateur Awards

2015 Major Amateur Winner

Mateusz Piesiak, Poland

Phantoms of the Morning, Barycz Valley

Amateur Award Winner – Nature / Landscape

Mateusz Piesiak, Poland

Phantoms of the Morning, Barycz Valley

When the ponds are being drained, thousands of birds are gathering around, because of a great occasion to eat fish. I woke up before the sunrise, hid myself in the reeds and waited in silence for birds. After some time the first egrets and gulls started to appear in the distance. It was still very dark so my exposure time was pretty long. Suddenly an eagle appeared on the horizon. All gulls lifted off while the egrets were standing still and motionless.

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Amateur Award Winner – Built Environment / Architecture

John Finnan, Australia

Foggy Sunrise at Wallaces Hut, Australia

This is Wallace`s Hut on the Bogong High Plains near Falls Creek
I arrived here in the moonlight the previous night to shoot and explore the scene. I returned as the moonset in the morning hoping the sun would rise through the fog but it was too thick initially. I raced over as it started to break through and then came the colour. I remember being quite excited realising what I was capturing. I have dreamed of capturing this for years and now to share it with the world.

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2015 VR/360 Award

Major Open Award Winner

Dmitry Moiseenko, Russia

Eruption of the volcano Kluchevskaya Sopka, Jan 2015

Hold your left mouse button down over the image and drag your mouse to view the 360 view of the image.

I have had an eye on Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano since quite a long time ago. The volcano has a very beautiful, ideal conical shape. Moreover, it is not just the highest erupting mountain in Eurasia, but in the whole world with the only exception of South America. This giant erupts once in a couple of years and this show lasts up to two or three months.

On the 1st January 2015 a new eruption occurred. AirPano team had never taken the decision to go on expedition so quickly: everyone agreed at once that we should go. We also decided to squeeze the monthly work plan into one helicopter flight session: beginning with documentary photos and ending with the stabilized 360 and 4k video, not speaking about usual for AirPano spherical panoramic photos.

Top 20 Placing Images

2015 Special Awards

Highest scoring image from film capture in the Open competition

Yury Pustovoy

Highest scoring gigapixel image in the Open competition

Wojciech Kruczynski

Highest scoring spherical image in the Open competition

Dmitry Moiseenko

Highest scoring wide angle image in the Open competition

Max Rive

Highest scoring aerial image in the Open competition

Dmitry Moiseenko

Highest scoring entry from an IAPP member in the Open competition

Dennis Ramos

Highest scoring entry from an IVRPA member in Open, Amateur or VR/360

Gregor Polster

2015 Jeff Mitchum Award

2015 Jeff Mitchum Award 1st Place

Carlos F. Turienzo, Spain

Lighting The Way, Punta Nariga, Spain

This photo was taken last June at Punta Nariga Lighthouse, which is located in a zone known as ‘Coast of Death’, in Galicia, Spain. It was planned several months ago when I realised that the Milky Way would be just above the light beams of the lighthouse at the beginning of the summer. It was not easy to take the photos for the pano due to weather conditions, I can still feel the heavy wind of that night, but finally I could find a relatively well protected spot and everything went fine.

2015 Jeff Mitchum Award 2nd Place

Matthew Smith, Australia

Smiling Assassin, Jardines de la Reina, Cuba

2015 Jeff Mitchum Award 3rd Place

Mateusz Piesiak, Poland

Phantoms of the Morning, Barycz Valley

2015 Jeff Mitchum Award 4th Place

Abe Blair, USA

Storm Brew, Oregon

2015 Jeff Mitchum Award 5th Place

Judith Conning, Australia

Morning Light, Hallidays Point, NSW

2015 EPSON Digital Art Prize

2015 EPSON Digital Art Prize 1st Place

Darren Moore, UK

Curvature, Felixstowe, United Kingdom

There are several of these fascinating curved sea defences in this area, which are unique to this stretch of coastline. You have to wait for calm conditions and a spring high tide to get them fully submerged and isolated. This is a 150 second exposure using a 10 stop neutral density filter, which completely smoothed out the sea, thick fog helped remove the horizon line and create an ethereal effect.

2015 EPSON Digital Art Prize 2nd Place

Az Jackson, Australia

Tower Wars, Los Angeles

2015 EPSON Digital Art Prize 3rd Place

Max Rive, Netherlands

The Ice Prison, Himalayas, Nepal

The top 40 images for 2015 were displayed at The Digital Show, October 16-18, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Australia.

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