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2020 Open Awards

Open Photographer of the Year

Matt Jackisch, Canada

Spring Hibernation, Squamish, BC, Canada

I spent a blissful day snowshoeing in the BC Coastal Mountains in March. With such a deep snowpack, it was still very wintery up high. I find the more time I spend alone in nature, the quieter my mind gets. The quieter my mind gets, the more subtleties I notice in my surroundings. I only saw this tree because of that state of being. This image was a product of solitude and mindfulness.


About Matt Jackisch

I have a passion for experiencing and capturing powerful displays of the natural world. My aim is to depict untold beauty of our planet through creative imagery. The harder I work for an image, the more it becomes a part of me. I answer the call of the wild whenever possible, and believe that the more time one spends mindfully in the outdoors, the less they identify with the limitations of their circumstances. In sharing my depictions, I hope to awaken in people new perspectives and appreciations of our precious Earth.


Open Photographer of the Year

Matt Jackisch, Canada

Sunburst Valley, Assiniboine, Canada

We had come to see the grand unveiling of the mighty Assiniboine only to find she wasn’t accepting visitors on this evening. So we waited. And waited some more. With my fellow photographers 100 feet below me, I was out of sight, so I danced to stay warm. Then a cloud enveloped us completely and my heart sank even further. But then without warning, it happened. In fact everything happened. As the cloud passed by us, the scene changed completely. Light began pouring into the valley. The lakes began to calm. And Assiniboine herself peaked out to give us a royal wave hello. This is why we endure. The ones who came before us appropriately named this valley, ‘Sunburst Valley.’ Clearly this awesome spectacle has been witnessed before.

Open Photographer of the Year

Matt Jackisch, Canada

Castle in the Sky, Floe Lake, BC, Canada

Not long after we arrived at this lake in the Canadian Rockies, an intense snow storm drove us into our tents. Too cold to sleep, I spent the entire night listening to the howling wind and a continuation of crackling thunder and thundering avalanches. The Earth rumbled. I could feel my heart pounding with how much power was being unleashed outside. Then eventually, silence. We dug ourselves out at dawn and emerged into this incredible calm. After the sun came up, a fog bank climbed the valley to ebb and flow along the waters of the lake. It was magic. I couldn’t resist a ‘selfie’ style image for a sense of scale among these incredible cliffs.

Winner – Open – Nature / Landscape

(& overall winner in the Open competition)

Matt Jackisch, Canada

Spring Hibernation, Squamish, BC, Canada

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Winner – Open – Built Environment / Architecture

(& runner-up in the Open competition)

Colin Leonhardt, Australia

Mine Waste, Collie, Western Australia

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2020 Amateur Awards

2020 Major Amateur Winner

Juan López Ruiz , Spain

Light and Dark on the Towers, Cuatro Torres financial complex in Madrid, Spain

View of two of the four skyscrapers that make up the Cuatro Torres financial complex in Madrid, I really liked the composition of the towers along with one of the canopies in the area, I took the image thinking of doing a digital black and white processing enhancing the contrast by adding shadows and light to create a more impressive image.


About Juan López Ruiz

I am an amateur photographer born in Madrid, Spain.
My passion for photography has been with me since I was a child and I have always found it very interesting to be able to portray and immortalize the unique moments that nature offers us.
In 2017 I could finally buy my first digital reflex camera and since then I have not stopped learning and perfecting myself in this beautiful art being able to combine my passion for photography and nature, until now I have not stopped documenting myself in an autodidactic way learning to understand light and perfecting my technique in the use of the camera as well as in the subsequent digital edition of my images which for me is something fundamental.
My specialty is landscape photography but I have also developed a special interest in architectural and wildlife photography.


2020 Major Amateur Winner

Juan López Ruiz , Spain

Night Palace, Madrid, Spain

The Palace of Aranjuez reflected in the water under the stars, is one of the residences of the Spanish royal family, located in the Real Sitio and the Villa de Aranjuez, in the Community of Madrid.

2020 Major Amateur Winner

Juan López Ruiz , Spain

The Mysterious Fortress, Toledo, Spain

Alcazar of the city of Toledo was shrouded in fog. It was still dark when I arrived in the city to photograph the fog at dawn but when I arrived and saw the spectacle that the fog created along with the lights of the city I quickly took out my equipment to photograph the monument, the fog was coming down so I had to hurry, I made several long exposures and I liked the result of the fog textures reflecting the city lights, the image is composed of two photographs at 50mm as I did not have time to change the focus of the camera.

Winner – Amateur – Landscape / Nature

(& runner-up in the Amateur competition)

Carlos F. Turienzo, Spain

Janela, Madeira Island, Portugal

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Winner – Amateur – Built Environment / Architecture

(& overall winner in the Amateur competition)

Juan López Ruiz , Spain

Light and Dark on the Towers, Cuatro Torres financial complex in Madrid, Spain

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2020 VR/360 Award


2020 VR/360 Award Winner

Oleg Gaponyuk, Russia

Split in the Cave, Chandelier Cave, Palau

Click and drag on the image for the 360 view

Stalactites and other limestone cave formations can grow in different forms and sometimes these “clusters” resemble lightning appliances. The word “chandelier” is often used in the official terminology for cave deposits. In Palau, there are so many of these picturesque formations that they gave the name to the whole cave.

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2020 EPSON Digital Art Prize

Manish Mamtani, USA

Dragon Eye, Iceland

This image was taken during one of my recent trips to Iceland and it shows the top-down view of an emerald geothermal pool in the Highlands. After enjoying a beautiful sunset on one of these days, I decided to continue driving to this geothermal area which was a couple of hours away. In July, the sun goes below the horizon only for a couple of hours- so the golden hour is usually much longer followed by the blue hour/twilight. The drive was beautiful with no one around but the vast and rugged landscape of the Icelandic highlands. I reached this geothermal area sometime before sunrise. While my initial plan was to get there and rest for sometime, the early morning golden light tempted me to fly my drone and explore the area first. I am so glad I decided to do that because the steam from the geysers, combined with the beautiful morning light, was creating a perfect canvas for amazing drone shots. I stumbled across this pool while exploring the area and the morning light was hitting it at all the right places and highlighting not just the emerald color of the pool, but also the gazillion little streams that were coming out of it. To me, it appeared as though i was looking at the eye of a dragon – It was breathtaking!! I tried a couple of shots and finally settled on this one – which shows the true splendor of this place. 

2020 Curators Award

Armand Sarlangue, France

Convergence in the Dark, Central Utah Badlands

2020 Nikon Award

Alan Mathieson, Australia

Slovenia Sunrise, Slovenia

2020 One of a Kind Award

Tyler Lekki, USA

Patagonia Peaks, Argentina

2020 Special Awards

Highest Scoring IVRPA member in any category

Pietro Madaschi, Italy

Paris, France

Highest Scoring IAPP member

Blake Randall, Canada

Cascade Crown, Bella Coola, BC, Canada

Highest Scoring Smartphone Pano

Tyler Lekki, USA

Camp Just for the Sunrise, Patagonia El Chalten, Argentina

Highest Scoring Aerial Image

Manish Mamtani, USA

Dragon Eye, Iceland

Highest Scoring Vertical Image

Mohammad Rahman, Australia

Quite in the Riverbank, Bangladesh

Highest Scoring Gigapixel Image

Jason Denning, UK

The HDB, Singapore

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