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2020 VR/360

Top Placing Images 2019 (11 - 20)
Photo by Tyler Kuulkers

Presented here are the top 20 (11 – 20) images as awarded by the judging panel for the Open Award – VR / 360 category.

Please click and drag on the image to pan around the 360 degree image.

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11. Image/Location Tower of the New Day, Pisa – Piazza dei Miracoli
Photographer Federico Debetto, Italy

11. Image, Location Winter on the Top of Kuntivaara, Finland
Photographer Sergey Rumyantsev, Russia

13. Image, Location Abyss, Anhumas Abyss, Bonito – MS – Brazil
Photographer Marcio Cabral, Brazil

14. Image, Location Above Dubai, UAE
Photographer Pete Demarco, USA

15. Image, Location Black-headed gull, Seen from the Water Bus at Shimizu Port, Shizuoka City, Japan
Photographer Hirotake Unno, Japan

16. Image, Location Hidden Side of Annapurna Sanctuary, Himalayas, Nepal, Grand Barrier
Photographer Ivan Roslyakov, Russia

17. Image, Location Lotus Blooming, Haidian, Beijing, China
Photographer Yuqing Guo, China

18. Image, Location The Biggest Wooden Church in the World, Kizhi UNESCO Heritage Site
Photographer Stanislav Sedov, Russia

19. Image, Location Ice at Diamond Beach, Iceland
Photographer Christophe Simon, Germany

20. Image, Location Rock of Ages Overview, Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico, USA
Photographer Scott Witte, USA

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