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2021 VR/360 Pt2

Top Placing Images 2021 (12 - 20)
Photo by Oleg Gaponyuk

Presented here are the top 20 (12 – 20) images as awarded by the judging panel for the Open Award – VR / 360 category.

Please click and drag on the image to pan around the 360 degree image.

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12. Image/Location Riga, Old City, Latvia
Photographer Andrei Kasjanenko, Estonia

12. Image/Location Sunrise with Four Highest Mountains of the World, Mera Peak at 6200m, Nepal, Himalayas
Photographer Ivan Roslyakov, Russia

14. Image/Location Dubai Marina by Night, UAE
Photographer Peter Van den Wyngaert, Belgium

15. Image/Location Village of colours, Sułoszowa, Poland
Photographer Daniel Myhal, Poland

16. Image/Location Sunset at the top of Viluchinsky Volcano, South Kamchatka Nature Park, Russia
Photographer Alexey Matveyev, Russia

16. Image/Location Winter Wonderland, Saxon Switzerland, Germany
Photographer Christoph Simon, Germany

16. Image/Location Under the waterfall, Bulgaria
Photographer George Palov, Bulgaria

16. Image/Location Nuraghe Piscu Sardegna, Italy
Photographer Mark Dajethy, Italy

16. Image/Location Tramway, Superga (Torino), Italy
Photographer Massinissa Dalla Costa, Italy

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