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2021 VR/360

Top Placing Images 2021 (1 - 11)
Photo by Peter Van den Wyngaert

Presented here are the top 20 (1 – 11) images as awarded by the judging panel for the Open Award – VR / 360 category.

Please click and drag on the image to pan around the 360 degree image.

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1. Image/Location Jellyfish Lake, Palau
Photographer Oleg Gaponyuk, Russia

2. Image/Location Sunset in the active crater of Mutnovsky Volcano, South Kamchatka Nature Park, Kamchatka, Russia
Photographer Alexey Matveyev, Russia

3. Image/Location Torpedo 360˚ movie set – machine room, Belgium
Photographer Peter Van den Wyngaert, Belgium

4. Image/Location Star Adventurers, NOEMA – Plateau de Bure – French Alps
Photographer F Xavier Cuvelier, France

5. Image/Location Winter of Baikal Lake, Russia
Photographer Xu Jian, China

6. Image/Location NOEMA, Plateau de Bure – France
Photographer F Xavier Cuvelier, France

7. Image/Location Morning of Beijing Jiankou great wall, China
Photographer Ang Li, China

8. Image/Location Blue Holes, Palau
Photographer Oleg Gaponyuk, Russia

8. Image/Location Dawn at Cape Khoboy. Lake Baikal, Russia
Photographer Aleksey Zakirov, Russia

8. Image/Location Color Flow at Dusk, Mexico City
Photographer Luis Erantzcani López, Mexico

8. Image/Location Mist, Cape Town, South Africa
Photographer Stanislav Sedov, Russia

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