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Timothy Poulton

Member of the Epson International Pano Awards Judging Panel 2024

About Timothy

Timothy Poulton, a passionate adventurer and photographer from Australia, has forged an exciting career spanning car racing to spinning records at warehouse raves. Alongside his success in landscape photography and teaching, he has made significant contributions to graphic design, collaborating with clients like Nokia and the Ministry of Sound.

Introduced to landscape photography during a cherry blossom shoot in Tokyo in 2007, Timothy embraced digital panoramic photography, pioneering techniques with Novoflex. His innovative work, such as panoramic tilt-shift photography, has broadened accessibility to landscape photography. The image ‘Shocking Bondi’ earned him the International Aperture Awards in 2011.

Timothy’s acclaim continued with magazine covers, endorsements from brands like Seven Friday, Sirui, and Affinity, and judging the Epson Pano Awards. As a dedicated teacher, he imparts knowledge globally through workshops and tutorials, helping students develop their style and technical skills.

His infectious enthusiasm and commitment inspire students to explore new expressive avenues. Whether leading a workshop in Tokyo or exploring Patagonia, Timothy’s dedication has made him a respected photography teacher. Through tireless dedication, he continues to captivate audiences globally, pushing the boundaries of photography and showcasing the beauty of the natural world.


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