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Anna Gibiskys

Member of the EPSON International Pano Awards Judging Panel 2019

About Anna

Anna Gibiskys is a professional landscape photographer born in Far East of Russia. She is experienced solo female traveler and expert in South America, the USA and Southeast Asia destinations.

Love and interest in nature came in childhood: hiking and camping outdoor with school friends and Polaroid in hands became an happiest part of life.

With a first digital camera and possibilities of travel the main factor of choosing a country was the presence of impressive and rare landscapes. Anna chooses the remote places where nature stays untouched.

The basis of Anna’s portfolio is photos of minimalistic landscapes taken on the plateau Antiplano in the Andes. The beauty of emptiness, freedom and silence became the most important part of her photographs. Processing photos – is minimal, the main goal is to achieving a pure and selective colors.

The most important part of Anna’s career is a large project for National Geographic. The study of the history of the South American village named Tarabuco, the observation of local life as the insider, led to an understanding of many life’s issues.

“Being in the moment” is one of the basics of Anna’s works. In the moment of absolute beauty, the moment of presence in pristine and wild nature, the moment of solitude, the moment of tangible internal changes from the experience of what is happening right there. This is also valuable for the artist’s work: an attempt to capture the beauty and perception of the moment and try to pass it to the viewer.

After few years of solo travels she founded a travel club ITINERO for photographers. She organizing  workshops in travels, professional photo tours, jeep expeditions in remote national parks and acts as a speaker at festivals devoted to photography and travel. Along with a digital camera Anna still carry instant cameras from Polaroid and Fuji.


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