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Candace Dyar

Member of the Epson International Pano Awards Judging Panel 2023

About Candace

Candace Dyar is a nature photographer, conservationist, educator and wildlife advocate based in Seattle, Washington State. Currently partnered with several nonprofit organizations and conservation groups, she consistently works to spread awareness and educate the public in efforts to relist wolves of the Northern Rockies as an endangered species, among various other projects. Her goal as a photographer is to connect with viewers on an emotional level, while also drawing attention to important issues relating to environmental issues, conservation and climate change. More than anything, she aspires to stir something within the viewer and to motivate them.

Candace is passionate about exploring and photographing the diversity of wilderness areas in their entirety, wildlife, flora and landscapes. Having a background education in art history significantly contributes to her overall artistic vision and she is known for portraying a painterly type of style within her work.


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