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Erin Babnik

Member of the Epson International Pano Awards Judging Panel 2023

About Erin

Erin Babnik is known for her ambitious and expressive style of photography and for her adventurous approach in the field. Erin’s dedication to the medium of photography evolved out of her years working as an art historian and archaeologist, photographing in museums and in archaeological sites throughout Europe and the Middle East for the purposes of teaching and research. She subsequently spent years producing photographs on assignment and for licensing, all the while expanding her personal photographic excursions to increasingly remote outdoor locations.

She now works as a full-time landscape photographer, traveling extensively from home bases in both California and Slovenia and teaching photography workshops on both continents. Erin draws upon her background in art history in bringing a deep knowledge of aesthetics, visual communication, and cultural relevancy to her own photographic work and to her writing and public speaking about photography. Erin’s photographs have appeared in well over a hundred publications, including books, travel guides, magazines, newspapers, and television shows. Erin is also honored to be a Canon Explorer of Light and a member of the illustrious nature photography team Photo Cascadia.


Photo Cascadia Team Member


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