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James Tan

Member of the Epson International Pano Awards Judging Panel 2024

About James

James is one of the top printmakers in the region, being highly sought after by artists and photographers looking to bring the best out of their works.

James quickly rose through the ranks from a studio apprentice in early 2000s to be accredited as an associate in commercial architectural photography by the Master Photographers Association at the peak of his photography career in 2007.

Realizing that photographs are not complete till they’re printed, he turned his attention to focus on printmaking. And later he was awarded a special honor by the MPA in recognition of his contribution and mastery in the craft.

He was later trained in qualifications and competition judging by respected MPA mentors in the UK, and then went on to do serve as a judge on many notable competitions and qualification exercises. He is appreciated for having an unusual eye for details and being impartial in his assessment of images.

Currently, apart from making prints, James is a prolific educator, as well as being a print and color management consultant for various companies, galleries, and institutions.

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