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Juan Pablo de Miguel

Member of the Epson International Pano Awards Judging Panel 2023

About Juan

Juan Pablo de Miguel is an landscape and cityscape photographer based in Madrid, Spain, with a  inspiring and versatile landscapes and BW fine-art photos, all sharing a unique style of his artistic signature.

Juan Pablo teaches photography and advanced post processing techniques all over the world developing his own digital processing techniques.

Winner of several international competitions like the Gold medal in one of the largest circuits of the world, the Trieremberg Super Circuit in 2015 and consecutively 2016, several medals in the Epson International Pano Awards 2016, and second main price in “digital art” Epson Pano Awards 2017. He is one of the 101 “The Landscape Photographer of the Year” in 2015 and again in 2016 and 2017, collaborate in special editions and exclusive “Memento” and “Visions” edited by 1X y and obtained countless nominations, honors and prices for his landscape and fine-art photography works.

His work can be seen in magazine covers and publications like National Geographic, GEO Magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine, Indonesia Colors, Digital Photo, Digital Photographer, Digital SLR, NYC|The Huffington Post, Daily Telegraph, Microsoft, Google, Practical Photographer, Samsung, Forbes, Outside Magazine and numberless online publications and travel guides and agencies. Being present in the international exhibition “100 Wonders of the World” in St. Petersburg in 2015, 2016 y 2017, Crown Prince of Dubai y and Netherlands Television.

He’s using photography as a medium for inspiration and a means to understand the world. Specializing in European and American fine art landscapes, admires the works of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Carleton Watkins and the diversity of many encounter, networking on the Web.​


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