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José D. Riquelme

About José

Epson International Pano Awards 2023 Open Photographer of the Year

José D. Riquelme, a passionate landscape and night photographer hailing from Murcia, Spain, has embarked on a fascinating journey into the world of photography. Despite his extensive background in graphic design and printing, his photographic journey began just 8 years ago. In his initial two years, challenging the conventional notion of photographic locations, he used his mobile phone to perfect compositions in seemingly unphotogenic environments.

It was in 2017 when he took a further step in his photographic journey by acquiring his first professional camera. The reason behind this investment was his impending trip to Iceland, a place where the beauty of the Northern Lights required the precision and quality that his mobile phone couldn’t provide. Despite initial resistance to learning how to handle a DSLR camera, José soon discovered that this decision would significantly change his life, and in time, he would be deeply grateful for taking that path.

Max Rive

About Max

An adventurer from Europe with a camera. Born and raised in the flat country of the Netherlands, Max Rive visited the high mountains of Switzerland for the first time at the age of five. Max started taking photos in 2008 just to document a mountain trip he took between studies. He took photos to remember the trip, to show others how cool the trip was, and to have something more to do than just hike. As a landscape photographer, Max gradually became more serious as he started sharing photos on the internet and became inspired by the work of others. After almost losing his life in an airplane accident, and witnessing the major earthquake in April 2015, he continued traveling around the world to Chile, Argentina, Greenland, Sweden, Scotland, Norway and New Zealand. Max Rive is the International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017.


Andy Chua

About Andy

Andy is a sport, underwater and commercial photographer based in Singapore who covers both national and international meets as well as working with clients who need high quality work for their branding. His keen of eye for composition, creativity and attention to details has brought him to many countries in Asia and Europe for jobs. He is also currently a Nikon creator for Nikon Z9 flagship camera and a Nikon School instructor.

Other than covering Sports photography, he is well-versed in different genres of photography. In his own time, he enjoyed watching sunrise/sunset/golden hours, those breathing moments especially in a nature environment. Panoramic is one of the techniques he likes to use as it produces very detailed image with a nice compression that differs from the usual wide angle lens perspective.


Timothy Poulton

About Timothy

Timothy Poulton, a passionate adventurer and photographer from Australia, has forged an exciting career spanning car racing to spinning records at warehouse raves. Alongside his success in landscape photography and teaching, he has made significant contributions to graphic design, collaborating with clients like Nokia and the Ministry of Sound.

Introduced to landscape photography during a cherry blossom shoot in Tokyo in 2007, Timothy embraced digital panoramic photography, pioneering techniques with Novoflex. His innovative work, such as panoramic tilt-shift photography, has broadened accessibility to landscape photography. The image ‘Shocking Bondi’ earned him the International Aperture Awards in 2011.

Timothy’s acclaim continued with magazine covers, endorsements from brands like Seven Friday, Sirui, and Affinity, and judging the Epson Pano Awards. As a dedicated teacher, he imparts knowledge globally through workshops and tutorials, helping students develop their style and technical skills.

His infectious enthusiasm and commitment inspire students to explore new expressive avenues. Whether leading a workshop in Tokyo or exploring Patagonia, Timothy’s dedication has made him a respected photography teacher. Through tireless dedication, he continues to captivate audiences globally, pushing the boundaries of photography and showcasing the beauty of the natural world.


Isabella Tabacchi

About Isabella 

Isabella Tabacchi is a landscape photographer based in the north of Italy.
Her photography and art are the result of her need to explore the natural places and capture these landscapes from her personal point of view. Isabella explored and studied the boundless sceneries in the Alps, with a special regard to the Italian Dolomites. Her curiosity for different natural scenarios made her travel to Kamchatka, in Far East Russia, to Namibia, Iceland, Lofoten and many other countries.

Awarded as Photographer of the Year 2020 in the Moscow International Photo Awards 2020 (MIFA) thanks to a serie from the project “Kamchatka: to the abyss of the Earth”.

Isabella received the title of Hasselblad Heroine in 2021 and the 3rd prize in the International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2020 award. Judge in Hasselblad X You 2019 competition, Annual Photo Awards 2021 and CIP International Photo Festival, 2018, 2019, 2020 editions. Juror in the contest “Uno scatto per la natura”, organized by the italian Ministry of Environment and AFNI.

Her works have been featured by Daily Mail, The Times, National Geographic, The Telegraph, Elle, House and Garden and many other magazines.



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