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Jason Denning

About Jason

Jason aim’s to capture the beauty of our planet with his panoramic photography, to create a window into another world with impeccable attention to detail to create huge room filling prints from both the ground and the air.

From the beginning the panoramic format has always been exciting, allowing him to capture grand scenes in full just as the eyes can see. But this format also comes with challenges, to keep his work interesting and beautiful across the whole frame. This requires an artistic eye, dedication and experience. It is this challenge that inspires and excites him with every new country he visits to show the world in a new way.

Jason’s photographic passion began 18 years ago when he was living in London as an award-winning Film Editor. Having grown up in the Yorkshire countryside, the tall buildings and bright lights were a stark contrast to the landscape he was used to and he set out to capture the amazing sunsets he would see daily from his bedroom window overlooking the city. He started out using an old Praktica 35mm camera borrowed from his father, but in his quest to print big and wide he quickly ventured into medium format film.

Today Jason’s favourite format is the 3:1 ratio captured by his 617 panoramic film camera, a format that matched what he knew and loved from the big screen and achieves his goal to capture the bigger picture in a single shot for billboard sized pictures that do not sacrifice on quality. Learning on film from day one has taught Jason how to be a better and more patient photographer, he must be confident in his shot not to waste film. Large format requires a slowness that keeps Jason thinking all the time as the camera cannot do anything on its own, he is in full control which in turn means everything in his work is a result of intentional thought, years of experience and his vision.


Andreas Paehge

About Andreas

I was born in Bremen, a city in the north of Germany but I lives and works in the nice Ruhr area in West-Germany since many years. I’m actively photographing since 2012 when I’ve bought my first digital camera.

It did not take long for me to detect my passion for architecture photography. This passion took me to a lot of places in Germany and other countries to visit architecture buildings and metro stations which are the source for his fine art pictures. But I’m specialized on panoramas, lost places and landscape photography as well.

I like to post process his pictures in Photoshop and to use luminosity techniques to give my pictures this special look and feel. At the end my objective is to give my pictures and buildings a soul based on painting with light and shadows.

I’m always working on developing his photo techniques to improve the quality of his work.

I’ve participated in a lot of international photo competitions during the last years and I was the winner in amateur build category in EPSON Pano Awards in 2016 or 1st price winner in PX3 competition, category landscape photography.

Locally I’m leading the architecture project in DVF photoclub “Fotokunst Dortmund” and I’m also organized in the organization “Galeriemeile Gelsenkirchen” which is an association of artists, galleries and studios in the Kreativ.Quartier Ückendorf, Gelsenkirchen.

I’ve started to do workshops related to subway photography in 2019, others are planned as well.

“Photographing is a never-ending story which takes you to such great places around the world where you can catch the time with one click”


Chris Collacott

About Chris

Chris Collacott, is an international award-winning photographer who is known for his stunning natural landscape, architecture, and cityscape photography. He focuses on creating ultra-high-resolution, large-scale panoramic images.

With a passion for exploring the outdoors, he uses various techniques both organic and digital to merge his colourful eye-catching images together to create memorable vivid scenes. Chris Collacott is quickly building international acclaim, not just as a talented photographer but also as a visionary, mentor, and voice for some of the world’s most picturesque landscapes.

With work to be found in over 25 galleries throughout Canada, Collacott’s stunning attention to detail has gained him such accomplishments as a 23 foot mural for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, and being a featured artist at the prestigious “ARS” program at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Commercial clients include Destination British Columbia, Mercedes Benz, Vancouver Tourism, BC Hydro, and the City of Vancouver.

Chris has accumulated over 75 international awards, including the prestigious Master in Fine Art credential from Master Photographers International.

Collacott’s most notable accomplishments include having one of his Vancouver Skyline photos showcased on a 23-foot mural in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Athletes Village, and being a featured artist at the prestigious Art Rental and Sales (ARS) program at the Vancouver Art Gallery. He is also a proud member of Masters Photographers International and has achieved his Master Photographer in Fine Art.

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Isabella Tabacchi

About Isabella 

Isabella Tabacchi is a landscape photographer based in the north of Italy.
Her photography and art are the result of her need to explore the natural places and capture these landscapes from her personal point of view. Isabella explored and studied the boundless sceneries in the Alps, with a special regard to the Italian Dolomites. Her curiosity for different natural scenarios made her travel to Kamchatka, in Far East Russia, to Namibia, Iceland, Lofoten and many other countries.

Awarded as Photographer of the Year 2020 in the Moscow International Photo Awards 2020 (MIFA) thanks to a serie from the project “Kamchatka: to the abyss of the Earth”.

Isabella received the title of Hasselblad Heroine in 2021 and the 3rd prize in the International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2020 award. Judge in Hasselblad X You 2019 competition, Annual Photo Awards 2021 and CIP International Photo Festival, 2018, 2019, 2020 editions. Juror in the contest “Uno scatto per la natura”, organized by the italian Ministry of Environment and AFNI.

Her works have been featured by Daily Mail, The Times, National Geographic, The Telegraph, Elle, House and Garden and many other magazines.



Juan Pablo de Miguel

About Juan

Juan Pablo de Miguel is an landscape and cityscape photographer based in Madrid, Spain, with a  inspiring and versatile landscapes and BW fine-art photos, all sharing a unique style of his artistic signature.

Juan Pablo teaches photography and advanced post processing techniques all over the world developing his own digital processing techniques.

Winner of several international competitions like the Gold medal in one of the largest circuits of the world, the Trieremberg Super Circuit in 2015 and consecutively 2016, several medals in the Epson International Pano Awards 2016, and second main price in “digital art” Epson Pano Awards 2017. He is one of the 101 “The Landscape Photographer of the Year” in 2015 and again in 2016 and 2017, collaborate in special editions and exclusive “Memento” and “Visions” edited by 1X y and obtained countless nominations, honors and prices for his landscape and fine-art photography works.

His work can be seen in magazine covers and publications like National Geographic, GEO Magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine, Indonesia Colors, Digital Photo, Digital Photographer, Digital SLR, NYC|The Huffington Post, Daily Telegraph, Microsoft, Google, Practical Photographer, Samsung, Forbes, Outside Magazine and numberless online publications and travel guides and agencies. Being present in the international exhibition “100 Wonders of the World” in St. Petersburg in 2015, 2016 y 2017, Crown Prince of Dubai y and Netherlands Television.

He’s using photography as a medium for inspiration and a means to understand the world. Specializing in European and American fine art landscapes, admires the works of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Carleton Watkins and the diversity of many encounter, networking on the Web.​


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