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Hugh Hou

About Hugh

Hugh Hou is a renowned influencer and educator in 360 photography, VR, and immersive filmmaking, captivating over 180,000 followers on YouTube and over 200,000 on Facebook/Meta. As the founder of The Metaverse Stage, his production company has delivered innovative content for top-tier clients like Meta, Canon, the Olympics and Google, establishing a leading presence in immersive media.

His standout 360 photo has garnered over 100 million views and worldwide media attention. Hugh’s immersive films have received acclaim, featuring in Top Gear, Newsweek, PGA, and Forbes, underlining his significant impact on spatial storytelling.

With his passion and creativity, Hugh continues to redefine the landscape of immersive filmmaking and 360 photography.

Aaron Spence

About Aaron

For over 20yrs Aaron has been involved in the panoramic media space. Building successful products and producing beautiful panoramic content for clients around the world.  He’s usually in Australia, but you’ll sometimes find him in the USA or Europe on projects or speaking at conferences.


Bill Bailey

About Bill

Bill Bailey isn’t your average shutterbug. This photography adventurer spent part of his career traversing the Alaskan wilderness, capturing family portraiture of remote villagers and the children in outlying school districts with his company, Northern Exposure Photography of Alaska.

But the call of warmer climates lured Bill south, where he met his “Aussie sweetheart,” Kim. Together, they embarked on a new photographic odyssey: the captivating world of panoramic imagery. In 2004, Bill joined forces with Nick Fan to co-found Nodal Ninja, a company that’s become a leading name in panoramic photography. Bill’s passion wasn’t just about capturing breathtaking landscapes, he’s a huge fan of the art form itself, using his influence to promote panoramic photography and helping others to ignite creative expression, from snowy deserts to sandy beaches. After 14 years as C.E.O. of Nodal Ninja, Bill decided to retire but he’s still actively involved in photography. He offers expertise to Fanotec, ensuring their innovative tripod heads keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Since 2013 Bill has also been very proud to be part of the Epson Pano Awards VR/ 360 Judging Panel.


Panoramic and VR Photography lets us experience the world from a different perspective. So keep panning, but more importantly, keep sharing your unique visions!

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