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Tim Shields

About Tim

Tim Shields is the founder of Photography Academy, author of The Photo Cookbook, and winner of the International Nature Photographer of the Year Award from Master Photographers International.  Tim loves taking high-resolution panorama photos in the most remote locations possible and is a believer in simple compositions that highlight just one thing.  Tim holds the designation of Master Photographer in Fine Art and he believes that the pursuit of landscape photography is the greatest adventure you can have in your life.  Tim’s photography courses and tools are being used by over 425,000 photographers from around the world.


Dudley Edmondson

About Dudley

As a Photographer, Author, Filmmaker and Presenter, Dudley Edmondson’s career has spanned 32 years and offered him the opportunity to capture the beauty of nature and our world through his lens. His photographic work and adventure travels have taken him to so many amazing places from the Arctic Circle of Alaska to the Bahamas. Through presentations in galleries, national and international publications and more, Mr. Edmonson can share his work with a larger audience, something of significant importance to him personally.

As a young man, Dudley Edmondson discovered the power of nature and its ability to heal both the mind and body. This led Mr. Edmondson on a lifelong path to follow his passion and instill his love and knowledge of the outdoors in others and inspire a personal understanding and respect for everything nature offers. Mr. Edmondson has collaborated with numerous communities across the county to help urban youth, and youth of color, experience nature and the beauty of the outdoors.

Mr. Edmondson was one of the first to highlight the involvement of African Americans in the public lands system. Unsatisfied with the representation of people of color among those in his outdoor pursuits, he created a set of Outdoor Role Models for the African American community by writing his landmark book, Black & Brown Faces in America’s Wild Places (Adventure Keen Publications, 2006). In 2021, Mr. Edmondson created a photography and film exhibit called “Northern Waters,” for the Minnesota Marine Art Museum. He is currently working on a number of new book and film projects.


Justin Majeczky

About Justin

Justin Majeczky is a photographer, educator, writer and partner in a video production company called Kimera Collective. Specializing in landscape, commercial and tourism work, Justin has traveled all over the globe to shoot for many brands and tourism agencies.

Justin’s landscape work is a reflection of experimentation mixed with technical prowess to produce imagery that leads the viewer into an ethereal wonder and makes them ask questions about their own existence. This makes his work become more conversational with the viewer and brings about a sense of elegance and engagement. Justin hopes his work can help others to dream big and do things that are beyond themselves.


Adam Williams

About Adam

A landscape photographer from Sydney Australia. For as long as I can remember I have always had a creative interest. I once again found my passion for photography with the emergence of the digital cameras around the year 2000. Like so many others I found the ability to get instant feed back on the rear LCD a great way to learn via trial and error.

Specialising in photography education, including Photoshop education, I have been running workshops since 2013, teaching 100’s of students not only the skills and techniques to quickly improve their photography, but the confidence and knowledge to take their passion further.

I have had the honour of receiving several prestige photography awards including:

Representing Australia at the 2015 Photography World cup
1st place for Landscape at the International Loupe Awards 2013
Focus Image of the year 2014
Highest scoring Landscape Print in the APPA Print awards 2014
APPA Australian Emerging Photographer of the Year 2014.
AIPP NSW Landscape Photographer of the year 2015
AIPP NSW Professional Photographer of the year 2015
AIPP NSW Landscape Photographer of the year 2016
AIPP NSW Landscape Photographer of the year 2017
AIPP NSW Professional Photographer of the year 2017


Erin Babnik

About Erin

Erin Babnik is known for her ambitious and expressive style of photography and for her adventurous approach in the field. Erin’s dedication to the medium of photography evolved out of her years working as an art historian and archaeologist, photographing in museums and in archaeological sites throughout Europe and the Middle East for the purposes of teaching and research. She subsequently spent years producing photographs on assignment and for licensing, all the while expanding her personal photographic excursions to increasingly remote outdoor locations.

She now works as a full-time landscape photographer, traveling extensively from home bases in both California and Slovenia and teaching photography workshops on both continents. Erin draws upon her background in art history in bringing a deep knowledge of aesthetics, visual communication, and cultural relevancy to her own photographic work and to her writing and public speaking about photography. Erin’s photographs have appeared in well over a hundred publications, including books, travel guides, magazines, newspapers, and television shows. Erin is also honored to be a Canon Explorer of Light and a member of the illustrious nature photography team Photo Cascadia.


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