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Mieke Boynton

About Mieke

I’m a landscape and aerial photographer based in the beautiful township of Bright in Victoria, Australia. There is nothing I enjoy more than photographing vast, wild, and beautiful natural places, either from the ground, or in a more abstract form from helicopters and light planes. Nature is a source of constant inspiration, and it’s a true privilege to be able to share that experience with others.

I’m an accredited professional photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), and have received more than 300 International Awards, including last year’s EPSON International Pano Awards.  I’m a Grand Master with the Australian Photographic Society (APS), and the current AIPP Victorian Landscape Photographer of the Year.

I regularly exhibit my work, and thoroughly enjoy teaching photography through workshops and presentations in Australia. I look forward to judging this year’s EPSON International Pano Awards.


Craig Bill

About Craig

Craig Bill is a United States landscape and travel photographer, biologist and naturalist producing award-winning images including the overall winner in the 2012 Epson Pano Awards as well as numerous Photographer of the Year awards such as a World Landscape Photographer of the Year, World Fine Art Photographer of the Year and achieving a Master of Photography in Fine Art.  Additionally, Craig’s images are collected by U.S. presidents, celebrities, and private fine art collectors internationally. He has had an affinity for the art of photography for most of his life resulting in a vivid, high impact style that he is known for.  Where most photographers focus on a specific style and subject matter, Craig chooses to push his limits through experimental and diverse photographic approaches and promises to stir our hearts and eyes with even more high impact images of our planetary home.


Photography, I feel in my life, always seemed a relevant and appropriate tool for expression - especially for our planet. Technological advances in this industry not only allow me to appreciate and utilize past techniques, but embrace the future of photographic science... one without limitations.

Timothy Poulton - Pano Award Judge

Timothy Poulton

Timothy Poulton - Pano Award Judge

About Timothy

Timothy Poulton is the co-founder of One Of A Kind Photography Adventures and a landscape photographer from Sydney, Australia, with a big passion for the outdoors. My photographic heart beats for hunting down the very best light from the very best location. More often than not, this takes me up mountains before the break of dawn, or down a ski slope on my jacket-come-sled after the last vestiges of sunset are fading away. I’m an adrenaline junkie for that moment where the sky is ablaze with the most magnificent colors and shapes, it is humbling knowing there is a force bigger than all of us combined. I always feel privileged to be alive, in good health and witnessing earth’s orchestra reaching the crescendo coupled with a light show like no other. The earth is jam-packed with experiences for humans, but very few left that are unadulterated by modern technology which seeks a permanent place within it all.

Timothy’s imagery has been published worldwide in a diversity of media ranging from calendars, books, advertising and the publications of Digital Photo, Outdoor Photographer, Photography Masterclass and many more. Timothy’s clients include Affinity Software, NiSi Filters, Wilderness Village Tasmania, BenQ Australia, Epson Pano Awards, Sirui, Novoflex and many more.


Lucie Debelkova

About Lucie

Born in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Prague, but as we all do, I took its beauties for granted and tried to find more beauties around the world.

My first trips took me to places where ancient civilizations left their mark such as India, Egypt and Middle East. Traveled as far as Mongolia, New Zealand or Alaska, always enjoying discovering new places and if lucky returning there too. I slowly but surely got used to it and travelled to over 90 countries ever since, finding home in different places of the world.

Wherever I went I always had a camera in hand, taking snapshots to document these experiences and explorations. Gradually, over time, a shift occurred and a curiosity crept in: How can I more fully capture the essence and feeling of being alive and engaged in the larger world? Through this simple question I have begun to acquire a knowledge concerning the art and process of making photographs.

My work was featured in many countries of the world, across countless book or CD covers, calendars, magazines such as Sunday Times, New York Times, Wanderlust, Lonely Planet, Outdoor Photography, Digital Photographer, What Digital Camera, East & West etc. It has flown around the world in airline magazines of Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Jazeera etc. It is frequently being used for website design to enhance visual appeal of internet presentation.

Kuwait, where I’m currently based, is my 4th place where I’ve lived, after earlier years spent in Prague, 5 years in Netherlands and a year in London. Exploring Middle East always was and still is one of the things that I truly enjoy. Kuwait currently represents great base for such adventures.


Julie Fletcher

About Julie

Julie is a passionate landscape photographer who also enjoys the challenge of wildlife photography.

She has been shooting for over 10 years and is passionate about teaching and helping others through her workshops in several locations in Australia.

Julie travels remote outback Australia to capture images that are a unique expression of a space and often revisits repeatedly until it feels like home.

Her intent is to inspire the next generation of photographers especially women and show them you can achieve whatever you put your mind too if you want it bad enough.

Julie has work featured in many publications worldwide and to date has achieved many accolades including winning more than 50 awards over the last few year.

Some highlights in her career has been National Geographic Nature Awards runner up, Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year (Landscape) and (Portfolio Prize winner same year) Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year (Landscape and Botanical winner same year).


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