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Chris Yap

About Chris

Chris Yap is an artist whose sensitive approach to creation is often silently evocative. As a fine-art photographer he is one of the rare breed of extremely technical and yet critical thinking photographer, often narrating his stories by exploring the numerous genres of photography to push the boundaries as to what makes an artwork resonate. To find the most optimum approach to convey his stories. His photographic creation never fails to give a sensation of tactility and drama. He occasionally also dabbles in Commercial and Editorial photography.
Besides photography, he has created work in sculpture, theatre, paintings and even fashion art, as well as music. He often reminds the audience that if a story can be told better through other mediums, then question why the use of photography.

Chris’ acute sense of detail and judgement has also helped him push the modern digital print technique. Through his many decades in photography, Chris is able to easily visualise most intent of an image, and working on each image till they are the best they can be. And this skill is rare and is very much sought after by artists and photographer worldwide.
He is a strong believer in the freedom of thoughts that are born in the process of creation, before an image or art piece is completed. Therefore focusing on the processes of each series of work he makes to best tell the stories, rather than on the end result, pushing the boundaries of photography, so as to expand the infinite potential of a creative mind.

His works are usually deemed to be evocative and yet subtle. He incessantly challenges the artistic frontier to expand and explore the diverse possibilities in life. He has exhibited in Musee Du Quai Branly, at Baba House, NUS museum as well as installations at Sculpture Square, Singapore.

As a curator, he is known for his keen sense of space, as well as his unusual and insightful curation methods. Noted ones are those at Esplanade, Arts House, National Library Board Building (Singapore) and Japan Photo Festival (Japan), Photo showcase (Malaysia) etc. His biggest project being a 24 photographers’ show at the National Library. He famously curated a group photographic exhibition titled “incessantly Creative”, where works selected ranged from upcoming and young artists, to established practitioners. It challenged the idea of looking beyond just the work itself into the creative processes undertaken by each artist.

As an educator, he has taught photography in many institutions all over Asia Pacific, and has conducted several critic session in his own gallery. His journey of exploration becomes part of his lectures, where students are tasked to examine how an image is built, and to question their own image building.
His commercial works are showcased in wide range of genres: Fine-art photography, renowned theatrical performances and fashion magazines. He was also been on the international judging panels for photography contests in Japan and Singapore.


Merche Llobera

About Merche

Epson International Pano Awards 2023 Amateur Photographer of the Year

Passionate about the animal world and naturally adventurous, Merche has traveled the globe to share oceans and lands with wild animals, capturing them in her photographs in a special and unique way. Her work has been featured in various magazines and recognized in prestigious international competitions, including Ocean Photographer of the Year, Nature in Focus, Siena Awards, Pano Awards, Montphoto, and 8th 35 Awards, among others. Additionally, she was part of the Spanish team at the 2023 World Photography Cup, where she was honored as the “Best of the Nation.”

Through her images, Merche aims to convey a crucial message about the need to conserve animals and their natural habitats.

In 2022, she served as a mentor in the “Wildlife Photography” program at AFRISOS (African School of Storytelling) in Tanzania, a beautiful initiative aimed at training African photographers to tell the stories of their continent.

Merche has also shared her experiences as a speaker at various events, such as Exodus Aveiro Fest. Furthermore, she collaborated with 14 other photographers in the inaugural volume of the MOTHER magazine, where they seek to highlight the importance of nature and animals in our lives. She also participated in the “Photos for Palestine” initiative, contributing to fundraising for Doctors Without Borders.


James Tan

About James

James is one of the top printmakers in the region, being highly sought after by artists and photographers looking to bring the best out of their works.

James quickly rose through the ranks from a studio apprentice in early 2000s to be accredited as an associate in commercial architectural photography by the Master Photographers Association at the peak of his photography career in 2007.

Realizing that photographs are not complete till they’re printed, he turned his attention to focus on printmaking. And later he was awarded a special honor by the MPA in recognition of his contribution and mastery in the craft.

He was later trained in qualifications and competition judging by respected MPA mentors in the UK, and then went on to do serve as a judge on many notable competitions and qualification exercises. He is appreciated for having an unusual eye for details and being impartial in his assessment of images.

Currently, apart from making prints, James is a prolific educator, as well as being a print and color management consultant for various companies, galleries, and institutions.

Laura Oppelt

About Laura

Laura Oppelt is a 24-year-old, self-taught landscape photographer from Bavaria, Germany. At the age of 14 she made her first experiences with photography that later became her biggest passion. She is mainly drawn to wild and raw destinations such as Norway, the Faroe Islands or the Alps. Through landscape photography she expresses her appreciation for nature and adventure, always seeking for bracing perspectives and unique light situations.

For Laura, both the photography work in the field and the post processing play an important role in her worklflow. The final editing allows to create an image as a vision of how she experienced the scene in the outdoors. Still, the genuine process of exploring and travelling is her main motivation.

In her young photography career Laura already worked with some well-known brands such as BenQ, Olympus or PhotoPills. Currently she studies Geography at the University of Bonn, Germany.


Chris Collacott

About Chris

Chris Collacott, is an international award-winning photographer who is known for his stunning natural landscape, architecture, and cityscape photography. He focuses on creating ultra-high-resolution, large-scale panoramic images.

With a passion for exploring the outdoors, he uses various techniques both organic and digital to merge his colourful eye-catching images together to create memorable vivid scenes. Chris Collacott is quickly building international acclaim, not just as a talented photographer but also as a visionary, mentor, and voice for some of the world’s most picturesque landscapes.

With work to be found in over 25 galleries throughout Canada, Collacott’s stunning attention to detail has gained him such accomplishments as a 23 foot mural for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, and being a featured artist at the prestigious “ARS” program at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Commercial clients include Destination British Columbia, Mercedes Benz, Vancouver Tourism, BC Hydro, and the City of Vancouver.

Chris has accumulated over 75 international awards, including the prestigious Master in Fine Art credential from Master Photographers International.

Collacott’s most notable accomplishments include having one of his Vancouver Skyline photos showcased on a 23-foot mural in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Athletes Village, and being a featured artist at the prestigious Art Rental and Sales (ARS) program at the Vancouver Art Gallery. He is also a proud member of Masters Photographers International and has achieved his Master Photographer in Fine Art.

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