Mel Sinclair

Member of the EPSON International Pano Awards Judging Panel 2018

About Mel

From the radiant beams of the first hour of the day, to the darkest nights and dramatic street light, the interplay of life and light is a constant pursuit of Mel Sinclair. She sees creativity in all its forms;  photography is a modern medium and open to experimentation for creating all kinds of imagery, but landscape photography is where her heart lives.

She is well-traveled and has been to most of the landscape photography hot-spots such as Iceland, Norway, Japan, India, Antarctica, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and her home in Australia, but it’s the local “unknowns” that still have her entranced with capturing them at their finest. She is always trying to create work that takes the right-hand path when everyone else chooses left. It’s all about creating images that are different and exciting, those that depart from the norm and give the stage over details that have been crafted by the master creator; mother nature herself.

While Mel has won several awards locally and internationally for her work, she thrives on speaking to other photographers at camera clubs and professional organisations. She has sold work to several well-known companies, however her crowning achievement thus far is a sale to Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles for her image “The Epitome”.